Crypto is emerging as its own asset class



Omniex is an institutional operating platform for investment managers and active traders focused on crypto-assets. We offer a complete solution for managing and trading of crypto-assets. Our full suite of services which includes portfolio and order management, risk and data analytics, and high performance connectivity and trade execution is specifically built for institutional clients and tailored for crypto-assets.


We are strong believers that the crypto-asset class is here to stay. We’ve collaborated with emerging crypto specific funds as well as large established multi-asset managers looking to enter the crypto market. In order to pave the way for large-scale institutional adoption of this asset class, the market needs a platform with the same reliability, stability, performance and features that institutional investors demand.


Omniex is the first institutional grade platform to provide a complete end-to-end solution for crypto-assets. The platform is designed and built by technologists with a long track record of building large scale, high volume financial trading ecosystems. Our team is leading the way for the institutional adoption of crypto and blockchain alongside some of the largest financial institutions in the world. With our deep understanding of capital markets and institutional finance, Omniex is building the platform that will enable crypto-assets to become a true institutional asset class.

Dedicated crypto funds and established fund managers adding crypto-assets into existing portfolios face similar challenges when it comes to investing in the new crypto-asset class. Scarce information, fragmented liquidity and new workflows make decision making difficult and efficient execution hard to achieve.

Omniex’s solution for investment managers focuses on the entire front, middle, and back-office lifecycle of crypto-asset investment. Starting from data, analytics and risk tools to order management and execution services and ending with settlement and asset storage integration, Omniex’s proprietary technologies, APIs and business partners make crypto-asset investment look and feel like a traditional asset class.

Active and quantitative traders face a different challenge than investment managers. While order and trade lifecycle management are always important, in the case of active trading, system stability, execution efficiency and market-impact minimization are paramount.

While the crypto-asset marketplace is not at a level where micro-second executions are necessary, many traders are executing large blocks of crypto-assets that sometimes take days to trade across multiple venues, making best-execution nearly impossible to achieve. Omniex’s DMA (direct market access) and algorithmic services—combined with our end-to-end portfolio management system—give active traders an edge in this highly volatile crypto-asset market.


Portfolio Solutions and Analytics

Omniex is building a comprehensive suite of front office services for portfolio managers and traders. A multitude of data sources, lack of data transparency and access make the new crypto-asset class difficult to measure when it comes to risk and performance.

Omniex portfolio solutions and analytics services make tracking crypto-asset portfolio, valuation, orders, risk and performance easier than ever. Real-time dashboards and unified analytics services provide consistent information across the portfolio, greatly simplifying the job of investment managers and traders.

Connectivity and Routing

While crypto is a new and emerging asset class, trading venues have proliferated over the last few years. With each venue having different interfaces, protocols and APIs, portfolio managers and traders are spending valuable time switching from application to application and writing code in order to access different services and liquidity venues.

Omniex’s unified trading interface, multi-venue DMA and routing services allow fund managers and traders to refocus their attention and valuable time back on their core competency—managing portfolios, making investing decisions, and creating profitable trading strategies.

Algorithmic Execution Services

When the opportunity is right for profitable trade execution, you have to have the right tools in order to take advantage of the opportunity. Omniex algorithmic execution services allow traders to quickly and efficiently execute orders, regardless of size, with minimal impact on the market—achieving best execution.

Combining decades of experience with multi-venue algorithmic execution and our latest experience with ML (machine learning), Omniex has built an algorithmic execution layer across the crypto-asset landscape that minimizes fragmentation and adds measurable efficiency.