We are strong believers that the crypto-asset class is here to stay.

Whether as a currency or commodity, security, or utility token, there’s little debate that we’re witnessing the genesis of a new, diverse asset class.

That diversity has, and will continue to, enable an equally expansive range of investment approaches, strategies, and goals. As institutions of all sizes and market roles engage with the crypto markets, they will need institutional-grade trading infrastructure and technologies purpose-built for the unique challenges ahead.

We are building the complete, front-to-back office solution to satisfy institutions’ needs today, and equip them for the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

A complete, front-to-back office solution
for institutions to trade crypto-assets.


Created by technologists with a long history of implementing financial trading ecosystems.

Fragmented and immature crypto market structure has left institutional investors at a loss for robust solutions to the regulatory, security, and technology challenges of the asset class.

Omniex’s platform was designed and built by technologists with a long track record of implementing large-scale, high-volume financial trading systems. Our team is leading the way for the institutional adoption of crypto as an asset class alongside some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

With an unrivaled understanding of capital markets and institutional finance, Omniex is building the platform that will empower the institutional adoption of crypto-assets.


Omniex’s investors include some of the most well respected and knowledgeable capital market investors in the world. With a combined portfolio of over 300 companies, we are working together to create a complete platform for institutional access to crypto-assets.

How can we help you unlock crypto-assets?