A complete front-to-back office solution purpose-built for institutions to access the crypto-asset markets.

Omniex is the first-to-market, complete investment and trading platform for institutional investors to seize the opportunities of the capital markets’ newest asset class, crypto. Our platform provides the portfolio and risk management, trade execution, investment operations, and compliance solutions institutions need to thrive in the crypto-asset markets.

Who we serve

Making crypto-assets accessible to investment managers, active traders, market-makers and broker-dealers.


Depending on the investment thesis, front-office and execution needs for buy-side participants can vary widely. Rather than attempting to bolt on crypto-asset capabilities to a platform built for another asset class, Omniex is purpose-built from the ground-up to specifically handle crypto-asset workflows. From portfolio management solutions to data and analytics, to sophisticated algorithmic execution tools and smart-order routing, Omniex’s solutions equip all of your trading strategies in a single offering to minimize operational overhead and execution cost.


Whether you are a crypto-only exchange, traditional exchange offering crypto-assets, or one of the growing number of OTC market makers offering crypto liquidity, Omniex’s solutions can broaden your reach and make counterparty connectivity simple and efficient. We are already connected to over ten crypto liquidity exchanges and many of the top OTC market makers. Omniex’s solutions allow OTC market makers to easily price their existing counterparties electronically without using phone, skype, or messenger, reducing errors and providing full auditability.


Many existing broker dealers with captive clients are looking to add crypto as a new offering. Omniex can help broker-dealers quickly add crypto-assets to an existing offering by providing a turn-key solution for market making, risk management, agency/principal book management, and automatic position hedging. Whether you want to use your own trading interface or use Omniex’s white-label solution, we can provide a complete technology solution integrated into your existing infrastructure.

How can we help you unlock crypto-assets?