Omniex is a financial technology company that is building an institutional grade investment platform for managing and trading crypto-assets.

The emerging crypto-asset ecosystem is currently traded across a fragmented array of exchanges and dispersed OTC markets. No solution exists for institutional investors to be able to manage and trade a portfolio of diverse crypto-assets in a consolidated manner. We provide an integrated platform that encompasses the complete crypto-asset trading lifecycle.

The Omniex platform is a complete front, middle and back office solution for managing and trading crypto-assets. Omniex Edge includes a feature-rich portfolio and order management system that allows fund managers to track aggregated portfolio positions and valuations from a single consolidated interface. At the heart of our solution is an execution management system that allows clients to concurrently connect to multiple liquidity venues for direct market access and algorithmic execution. The final piece of the platform is Omniex Settlement Center which provides a streamlined workflow for back office functions.

Omniex is building an investment platform that can be leveraged by any institution that is participating in the emerging crypto-asset ecosystem. Our platform offers streamlined portfolio management of diverse crypto-assets to support both crypto-specific and multi-asset class managers. Our low latency, high performance trade execution infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding active crypto traders.

Our platform is a hosted SaaS application that can be accessed via a graphical user interface with any modern web browser. The core order management system can be accessed via a REST API or real-time FIX API. The execution management system can also be accessed directly via the real-time FIX API and eventually via high-performance binary APIs.

Yes, Omniex offers both single venue trading via direct market access as well as algorithmic execution across multiple channels depending on the client’s existing counterparty relationships and collateral deposits.

Order book information can be aggregated or non-aggregated depending on the order book request type. The Omniex FIX API supports all standard FIX order book request types.

No, Omniex is a traditional financial technology company funded by institutional venture capital.

No, Omniex is not an exchange. Our platform connects with crypto exchanges from around the world and enables our clients to treat those separate liquidity pools as a single unified pool of liquidity. Clients can still access each individual liquidity pool separately but via a consolidated interface.

No, Omniex is not a market maker. Similar to how we interoperate with crypto exchanges, Omniex ties together OTC market makers and brokers so that the fragmented liquidity landscape can be collectively addressed as a single pool.

No, Omniex is never the counterparty to any trade. Your counterparty relationships need to be separately established first. Once confirmed, our platform will enable you to trade with any counterparty whom you have a relationship.

Fiat and crypto-assets are never directly stored on the Omniex platform — your assets will continue to be stored in the same manner as they are today. Fiat collateral and crypto-assets may be stored in exchange wallets, on-line wallets (hot or cold), and local hardware storage systems. Usage of the Omniex platform will not require withdraw permission.

The Omniex platform is being made available to a select group of initial clients early Q2 2018. If you would like to be notified when we open the platform to the broader market, please contact us at sales@omniex.io. In the meantime, detailed product information and client demos are available upon request.

Please email hello@omniex.io or use our contact form to request additional information.