Omniex is the first-to-market, complete trading and investment platform for institutional investors to seize the opportunities of the capital markets’ newest asset class, crypto. Our platform provides the portfolio and risk management, trade execution, investment operations, and compliance solutions institutions need to thrive in the crypto-asset markets.

The emerging crypto-asset ecosystem is currently traded across a fragmented array of exchanges and dispersed OTC markets with little front and back-office support. No solution previously existed for institutional investors to manage and trade a portfolio of diverse crypto-assets in a consolidated manner or easily trade the volatility that exists in the market. We provide an integrated platform that encompasses the complete crypto-asset trading lifecycle.

Omniex provides solutions for a wide range of participants in the crypto ecosystem. As a complete front-to-back solution, Omniex makes crypto-assets accessible to investment managers, active traders, market makers, and broker dealers. Omniex offers portfolio management (PMS), order management (OMS), execution management & connectivity (EMS), plus a full suite of back-office services to increase trading efficiency and reduce operational risk. For broker-dealers, Omniex’s solution can seamlessly provide data-aggregation, spreading, risk-book management, and efficient market hedging.

Buy-side participants – Passive portfolio managers taking a long-view of the crypto world as well as active traders with quantitative algorithmic strategies.

Market Makers – Crypto liquidity venues – both central-limit-order-book style crypto-exchanges and OTC market makers providing bilateral credit-based liquidity.

Broker Dealers – Firms looking to market-make to their own captive clients as well as hedge their positions with the broader market as liquidity takers.

Omniex’s platform is part datacenter hosted and part cloud-based. The core connectivity focused EMS that handles smart order-routing, algorithmic execution, and latency sensitive activities is developed in C++ and resides in the Equinix NY5 datacenter (Secaucus, NJ). The EMS can be accessed directly via our real-time FIX* API.

The PMS, OMS, data & analytics, and settlement portions of the platform is a cloud-based GUI SaaS service that can be accessed via any modern-day browser (Mac, Windows or tablets) without cumbersome software to install on a computer.

No, Omniex is a traditional venture capital backed company funded by institutional investors steeped with capital markets background. We do not plan to have an ICO.

No, Omniex is not an exchange nor market maker. Omniex builds the platform that connects institutions to exchanges around the world and enables the same institutions to simultaneously trade with OTC counterparties electronically. Omniex does not have a prop-trading business and clients will never place funds with Omniex.

No, Omniex is never counterparty to the trades, therefore clients will never have counterparty risk with Omniex. Omniex is a technology infrastructure provider that connects buyers of crypto assets with sellers of crypto assets, either exchange based or OTC.

No, Omniex is not a fiat holding bank or crypto custodian. Omniex, however, is connected to many fiat banks banking crypto trading entities and is also tightly integrated with many crypto custodians. Omniex’s PMS and settlement offering can seamlessly integrate a client’s system with ecosystem players such as banks and crypto custodians.

Yes, Omniex is now live and available for trading! For more information contact us now.

*Omniex is an active member of the FIX Trading Community.

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