Built upon years of experience in designing and operating large institutional market platforms.

Our platform was engineered with decades of experience designing, deploying, scaling, and maintaining institutional trading systems across global enterprises. By prioritizing flexibility, speed, and modularity, our platform architecture minimizes latency and costly platform upkeep, while empowering institutions to maximize efficiency and cherry-pick only the components they need.

As a complete, front-to-back office solution, Omniex equips users to handle portfolio management, trade execution, investment operations, and risk & compliance. Functions for each include:

Portfolio Management

Position Management

  • Long/Short
  • Aggregation
  • Valuation
  • Performance

Market Data

  • Real-time
  • Historical
  • Multi-Venue

Trade Execution

Trading Support

  • Algorithmic
  • DMA (Exchanges)
  • RFQ (OTC)
  • Streaming (OTC)

Order Book

  • Level 3 (API)
  • Level 1 & 2 (GUI)

Investment Operations

OTC Settlement Center

  • Aggregated & Net
  • Net
  • SSI

Partner Integrations

  • Wallets & Custody
  • Fiat Banks
  • Fund Accounting


  • 2FA - TOTP

Risk & Compliance

Portfolio Risk

  • Volatility
  • VaR
  • Correlation
  • Covariance


  • Roles & Permissions
  • Trading Limits
  • Alerts & Notifications


Our execution algorithms can execute across all supported exchange and streaming venues.

At the heart of Ominex’s investment and trading platform is the Algorithmic Execution & Smart Order Routing service. Having decades of experience in high-frequency trading and execution optimization in equities, futures and FX, the Omniex team has created the most optimal solution to achieve best-execution while minimizing market impact. Omniex execution algorithms can execute across all supported exchanges and streaming venues.

Purpose-built by technologists and financial professionals with trusted track records.


Performance, reliability, and usability are at the heart of our design and implementation.

Omniex’s platform was designed and built by technologists with a long track record of implementing large-scale, high-volume financial trading systems. Our team is leading the way for the institutional adoption of crypto as an asset class alongside some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

The EMS is fully developed in C++ to optimize speed of execution and minimize latency. This component is fully redundant and is deployed within the Equinix datacenter in NY5. The PMS, OMS, data & analytics, and other non-time-sensitive services are developed as a Node JS full-stack and deployed in the AWS cloud.

With both full GUI or FIX* API access, clients have the flexibility of accessing Omniex using the most optimal method of their choosing. With performance centric design, efficient deployment, and flexible architecture, the Omniex platform makes the crypto-asset class easily accessible to institutional investors.

*Omniex is an active member of the FIX Trading Community.

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