What’s in the value of crypto?

Since starting Omniex, time has been at a premium. But I think it’s good timing to write on this topic given the meteoric rise of the crypto-asset market cap. Consensus Invest last week was an amazing event. For the first time the focus was put on institutional crypto-asset investment and trading. I was fortunate enough to be invited to… READ MORE >>

State Street Vets Net $5 Million for Crypto Startup

A platform run by former State Street executives that will allow institutional investors to buy a wide range of crypto assets, has raised a $5 million seed round. Led by Wicklow Capital with the help of Digital Currency Group, Sierra Ventures, Clocktower Ventures and ThirdStream Partners, the round will be used to build out Omniex’s… READ MORE >>

State Street Veterans Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Two Street Street Corp. veterans are launching a cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional investors. John Burnett and Hu Liang said they’ve formed Omniex Holdings Inc., which aims to work with exchanges, over-the-counter venues and fund accountants to fill growing demand for trading services as digital currencies gain more mainstream acceptance.

We’re building a crypto-asset operating platform

It’s been about three months since I left State Street, my employer of ten years since the acquisition of our previous company, Currenex. I can say without any doubt or pretentiousness that these three months have been the most productive and enjoyable time of my professional life.

State Street to Bitcoin Bull: Blockchain Boss Leaves to Launch Crypto Startup

As global banks and accounting firms show increasing willingness to talk about the potential benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies, ex-State Street executive Hu Liang sees a looming problem: he believes that these large institutions will soon be looking to make massive investments in the asset class. So, earlier this week, Liang left his position as senior managing director of State Street Bank & Trust’s Emerging Technologies… READ MORE >>

Blockchain = Internet of the 1970s – but that’s OK.

To me, there’s little doubt that blockchain and similar technologies blockchain inspire will transform the institutional financial world in the long run… it will take time though, for the industry to fully adopt and realize its potentials. I say this because a nascent technology like the blockchain cannot affect such an established and complicated market like… READ MORE >>

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